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Wednesday, June 29

9h00  -10h00  Welcome – Coffee

10h00-10h30  Opening

10h30-12h30  Physical basis of Waves – Emmanuel Bossy

12h30-14h00  Lunch

14h00-16h00  US imaging, US image formation – Stefan Catheline - Hervé Liebgott

16h00-17h00  Coffee break – Poster session

17h00-18h00  Photoacoustic imaging – Paul Beard

18h00-18h45  Elastography – Karine Bruyère - Rémi Souchon

19h30               BBQ party


Thursday, June 30

8h00  -10h00  Optical imaging, optical image formation – Peter Andersen

10h00-10h30  Coffee break – Poster session

10h30-11h30  Coherent Imaging – Pascal Picard

11h30-12h30  Speckle image processing – David Rousseau

12h30-14h00  Lunch

14h00-14h45  US microscopy, functional imaging – Olivier Couture

14h45-17h00  Poster teaser + Coffee break + Poster session

17h00-18h30  Fourier Imaging for Optics and MRI – Bruno Quesson

                         US Fourier imaging – Olivier Bernard

19h30             Gala Dinner


Friday, July 1st

8h00  -10h00 Laser and ultrasound – Christ Glorieux

10h00-10h30 Coffee break – Poster session

10h30-11h15  Laser Optical Feedback Imaging – Eric Lacot

11h15-12h00  Nano optoacoustic imaging – Thomas Dehoux

12h00-12h30  Light induced shear wave imaging – Pol Grasland Mongrain

12h30-14h00  Lunch

14h00-17h00  Science, technology and society, Lumière Museum Lyon Downtown

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