OPtical and UltraSound imaging - OPUS

Innovative Multiphysic coupling for biomedical imaging

CeLyA - OILTEBIA summer School, June 29 - June 30 - July 1, 2016
Université de Lyon, France


The aim of this summer school is to teach state-of-the-art multiphysic approaches mixing ultrasound and optics for biomedical imaging. The objective is to bring together doctoral students and researchers working in the fields of ultrasonic imaging and optical imaging and to address various forms of similarities, complementarities and coupling between the two communities. Shared physical principles, tools and applications will be addressed. Hybrid approaches will be presented, combining the advantages of each modality. Lectures on the coupling between light and sound will present innovative investigation means for biomedical applications. We hope to stimulate new ideas by gathering researchers from the two communities.

OPUS Summer School is open to PhD students, young researchers, or engineers with various backgrounds in optical and/or ultrasound imaging. In order to promote the discussions, the participants will have the opportunity to present their work in a poster session that will include a poster teaser presentation. All lectures will be given in English by renowned international researchers.

To enhance interactions between participants and invited speakers, the number of places available will be strictly limited.

Courses, lunches, coffee breaks and dinners are free of charge, mainly sponsored by Labex Celya Lyon University and FP7 ITN Project Oiltebia. All summer school events will take place at Valpré conference center. Preferential rates at Valpré hotel are available until may 13th 2016.

The organizing committee
Stephan Catheline (Labtau - INSERM), Thomas Dehoux (ILM - CNRS), Hervé Liebgott (Creatis - Lyon 1), Bruno Montcel (Creatis - Lyon 1), Barbara Nicolas (Creatis - CNRS), David Rousseau (Creatis - Lyon 1), François Varray (Creatis - Lyon 1), Didier Vray (Creatis - INSA Lyon), and Carine Zambardi (Celya) for technical assistance.

CeLyA is a french « laboratoire d’excellence » (LabEx) which is a virtual lab gathering the research teams working on acoustics and hearing in the Lyon area, funded by the “Investissement d’avenir” program of the French Ministry of Research. One of CeLyA’s objective is the dissemination of knowledge in all disciplines of acoustics and hearing sciences.

OILTEBIA (Optical Imaging and Laser TEchniques for BIomedical Applications) is an Initial Training Network (ITN) that seeks to provide advance training to early stage researchers in novel biomedical optical imaging and laser techniques for applications spanning from basic research and drug discovery to pre-clinical imaging and clinical translation, from the bench to the bedside.


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